GB Instagram v3.0 APK Download (Official) for Android & IOS

The Gb Instagram Apk Download 2023 has the same feature as normal Instagram and Gb Instagram Latest Version in addition to it having its own features like we can download videos and stories without any 3rd party Application and it is available without any cost and it saves compared to other applications.

Gb Instagram Apl

Nowadays one of the best social media applications used worldwide is INSTAGRAM. Instagram is the place where we can share our images, videos, and Stories. On Instagram, we can see Any videos and stories, one of the big problems is we cloud not able to download an image or videos,

But GbInstagram Mod Apk we have a great solution that is For downloading Instagram videos and stories there are so many fake applications available in the play store,

those apps are very dangerous to your Smartphones. for those apps we need to download 3rd party applications for this problem we can use Gb Instagram Download Apk.

What is Gb Instagram Apk

Gb Instagram Apk is nowadays becoming more popular by day by day because of its own updating features. They are 50000+ monthly google search is happening for Gb Instagram Download Apk. There are Millions of real-time users on a daily basis.

Download Gb Instagram is the same as Instagram but has its own extra features. The Gb Instagram Apk Download is a trusted and trending mobile version, we can easily download Latest GbInsta from our provided link,

compare to Instagram which has additional features like downloading media files, previewing images, copying the link media file, applying custom colors, themes, and much more.

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Gb Instagram Features

There are many amazing features we can find in the Gbinsta apk download the latest version in 2022, due to its various features it is unique compared to Instagram and other social media applications, the following are some of the great features of Gb Instagram Pro

  • Downloading media Files
  • Preview of the media file
  • External player support
  • Hide view of stories
  • Multi-Account
  • Anti-banned
  • Customize appearance
  • Hide your Online presence
  • Copy anyone’s bio and post a caption
  • Mark any message with a star
  • Built-in auto translator
  • Zoom in for Profile Pictures and Images

Downloading Media files

Download Icon

On Instagram, we can see any media files freely but one of the big problems is we could not able to download any media files. But we can download Instagram media files from other Applications from the play store but those apps required third-party applications that can lead to harm to our mobile phones,

In Gb Instagram Latest Version we can easily download any media files from social media without any 3rd party application

Zoom in for Profile Pictures and Images

Zoom icon

On official Instagram, there is a major drawback where we could not able to zoom the profile picture, images, and stories, but in the latest version of Gb Insta Pro, you can zoom the profile Images, pictures, and Stories.

Previewing the media file


There are no features in Preview the full images with official Instagram, but in the Gb Instagram Pro 6.0 Apk download we can able to preview the image in full screen with original quality for this we have to click on the three-dot icon and tap any video are image then click on Gb Instagram Pro option now you can preview the images in good quality.

Multiple Accounts

Multipul Account

On official Instagram, we can able to assess only a single account. We could not able to assess multiple accounts on official Instagram. But in the Gb Insta Pro, we can able to use Multi Accounts on one device at the same time without signing out of any account,

through this we can able to use multiple accounts. For using multiple accounts tap on the profile icon go to the navigation menu then go to the account setting and sign with another account

External Player support

multiple external video players

Instagram doesn’t make visible the media player for its user and it is not allowing any other media player interference, but in Instagram Gb Apk we can able to get multiple external video players and we can able to upload many videos with another player.

For this we have to click on three dots and select a video and go to the Instagram Gb Download option, now click on the preview to select an external player. Now we can use an mp4 video file with your external player.

Hide View Stories

Hide View Icon

One of the big problems everyone faces is hiding a viewed story on Instagram, the forties, the Gb Instagram Pro Apk Download has a magical feature like hiding the view stories, through this feature we can able to hide the view stories of a specific person or a group of people,

through this features Gb Instagram Download having a unique in nature. For this, we have to tap on the profile’s icon go to the setting menu click on privacy and there we can see the features of Gb Instagram Apk Download Latest Version.

Copy anyone’s bio and post a caption

Copy icon

There is no provision given to copy anyone’s bio and post the caption for Instagram but in the Instagram Gb apk download, we can copy anyone’s bio and post the caption.

Not only this, but the app also got the latest addition in which we can even copy someone’s comment from the comment section. this might look like a simple feature but it helps in better ways.



Other social media apps likes are risky to our devices like GB WhatsApp, Gb Instagram Update, and others because the community may ban the user profile for using those apps can deduct and indicate the person uses Mod Apk,

But Gb Instagram Latest Version Download is Anti banned and it is more secure compared to another app

Mark any message with a star

Mark any message with a star

Some important messages from some important person have to highlight in the Chatbox. It won’t have happened on official Instagram, but the latest GbInsta Latest Version provides features like we can mark any message with a star which can help to see the important message immediately.



Never share your password with anyone you, and don’t trust any third-party application, Instagram condenses automated security checks and will prompt you to change your password if it appears compromised if this happens to you respond to Instagram’s notification by changing your password right away

Built-in Auto Translator

Auto Translator

Translating means transferring one language to language. If get foreigner has a friend on Instagram is very difficult to understand their languages and it is very difficult to communicate with each other, which may lead to the loss of foreign friends,

it can be solved through GbInsta which is having inbuilt translator, where it can translate any language to our known (ex:- Japanese to Hindi, France to Kannada, Chinees to English)

Customize Appearance

Customize Appearance

On Instagram, there is a simple and clean interference for this we are sometimes bored from seeing those same customize appearances on Instagram Gb Pro there is a huge number of themes with different styles and designs.

We can use any design according to our requirements which can lead to the usage timing of the consumer

How to Share an Instagram Mod Apk Reel a direct message?

  • Open the Instagram Mod Apk
  • Select the Reels icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Your Favorite Reels Then tap on the share icon in the left corner.
  • In the pop-up menu, scroll to find and select a friend. Or group you chat you want to share. the Reel can also use the search bar at the top to find a user.
  • write Your message in the text box above the “Send” button.
  • When you are finished, select “send” to share the reel via direct message.

How To Install Gb Instagram Mod Apk on your device

Every android mobile doesn’t allow to install 3rd party applications, because these apps are not verified by the google play store, so we have to give permission to download 3rd applications, for this, there are a few steps is as to follow

  • Step 1: – Permission to download unknown sources, go to settings, and enable all unknown sources.


  • Step 2: – we need to download the GB Instagram Apk from the given site


  • Step 3: – After downloading you see the installation page, click on installation and wait for the installation to complete.


  • Step 4: – now you can use the GB Instagram application on your device


Gb Instagram Apk Download

There are several updates had upon Gb Instagram, presently we have the latest Gb Instagram 2022 I version 3.80, which is currently working on every device,

this version has numerous features – we can download the stories, profile pictures, images, and videos – we can hide our seeing of stories – we can zoom the stories in GB Instagram and we use the translator in Gb Instagram.

Gb Instagram Apk Download New

App Name GB Instagram
Supported with Android version 4.1 or Above
Latest Version v3.80
App size 39 Mbps
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download 3.80 Version

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How to Download Instagram Videos on iOS?

The options are very limited when it comes to iOS, but I know a good repost app for downloading Instagram photos and videos.

Programmer is a completely free app (ad-supported) that helps you to download any video from Instagram to your iOS device.

  • MIT’s use is similar to that of a video downloader for Instagram. Simply copy the video URL from Instagram and paste it into the Programmer app.
  • Then, tap the preview to open it and download it. The video is saved automatically on the camera roll and you see options to repost it.
  • The ending words
  • I believe the easiest way is to use a third party to download Instagram videos. All you need to do is copy / paste the link to get your video. Although manual methods may work fine in some cases.
  • For example, if you want to download videos from the history of the videos you watched, the manual Android phone method is a good option.
  • Upload photos from the browser to Instagram Upload photos to Instagram.

Gb Instagram Latest Updates

As the number of users increases and the update of the GB Instagram App also developing, here are some of the latest updates of GB Instagram Apk Download 2022

  • It is having latest other Updates like customizing appearance, hiding your Online presence, Copying anyone’s bio, and posting captions.
  • With the new updated Gb Insta support for the IGTV, in this, we can upload any video without a time limit.
  • Video calling support – Gb Instagram Pro’s latest version supports video call options like official Instagram.
  • The crash while clicking download has been fixed now.
  • In the latest Gb Instagram Mod Apk to reduce time, there is a new feature is added that VOICE NOTE can be recorded to put in stories.
  • One of the most irritating while watching social media is a lot of bugs, many bugs are controlled by the latest version of GB Instagram.
  • The many tags can be added to the Gb Instagram


1. Is this GB Instagram App being free?

  • The GB Instagram is freely available through our link the GB Instagram has huge features as we discussed earlier, we can use this app without any cost.  Where do we have to pay for Instagram for the promotion activity?

2. Shall I get Banned while using it?

  • Other social media apps likes are risky to our devices like GB WhatsApp, Gb Instagram Download, and others because the community may ban the user profile for using those apps can deduct and indicate the person uses Mod Apk,
  • But Gb Instagram Apk is Anti banned and it is more secure compared to other app

3. Can I download it from the google play store?

  • It is a third-party application we could not find in the google play store we can download it through our provided link as I have shown the downloading process above,
  • we can download the Gb Instagram without any cost, and we can use various additional features like Instagram


As we have discussed earlier Gb Instagram Latest Version 20222 has various features compared to the official Instagram such as – Downloading Media Files Preview the media file – External player support – Hide view of stories Multi-Account – Anti banned – Customize appearance – Hide your Online presence – Copy anyone’s bio and post caption – Mark any message with a star – Built-in auto translator – Zoom in for Profile picture and Images.

Not only this, but more amazing features are under action and they are soon to be released by the developer, now after looking at these features, you will surely want to use this Gb Instagram Apk Download.

GB Instagram it’s not just an official Instagram but it is something more than that, for utilizing this feature as much as an early download from the provided link.

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