InstaPro Apk Download Latest Version Nov 2022 (Official) For Android

Let’s introduce InstaPro Apk Download Latest Version 2022 new version of Instagram, which is a modified type of Instagram that we will get in the play store. Everyone usually is tired of taking screenshots of the posts and cannot download the videos or stories in the app. So let’s get to this version and make us all benefit from this new version of Instagram, the Instagram Pro.

Instagram Pro

Instagram Pro Apk Download’s most problematic situation may be when we want to download a video or story of any person but we cannot do it. Always we should screen record or use third-party apps to do this. Usually, this is not safe as our account gets blocked by doing it in these ways. So let us get off these problematic situations that we are facing today and get this latest version of Insta Pro Apk Download.

What is InstaPro Apk?

As we have introduced what actually is an Instagram Pro Apk so let us know what it Is all about and what exactly it is. It’s a modified and advanced version of Instagram. This version helps us to download stories, posts, IG Tv videos, and so on. We need not use any third-party app or any other apps to do these now. It has become easy and secure to use this app.

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Features of Instagram Pro Apk

Insta pro apk has many features with 100% security and provides more privacy to chat or interact with anyone.

  • First, it is the most secure app, so we do not need to worry about this.
  • The main features are that we can download posts, stories, and IG Tv videos.
  • It has privacy protection for each and everything present in the app.
  • Using Instapro Apk Download we can copy anyone’s bio by just clicking on that and tapping the copy option.
  • Reels can be easily downloaded by using the download option present in the app.
  • This version helps us to hide our stories and can hide the viewed status after seeing the story.
  • It hides the typing status whenever you are writing or typing the typing status does not occur.
  • We can disable the ads that will be coming between reels and chats.
  • We can also enable it if we are interested in the advertisements.
  • We can see the people who have unfollowed us in the past and present. We will get the alert message that someone has unfollowed you.
  • It can easily translate the comments or the chats into our preferred language.
  • The issue of the quality of the image is solved here, we can send or receive the high-quality image through this version.
  • When any story or image is downloaded the watermarks present that are not seen in the image or story.
  • Not to worry about the ban issues, this app is absolutely safe and can be used.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection plays an important role in these apps. So this app is very secure and privacy protected without any doubt. Because it is absolutely safe and secured and protected from third-party access to your account.

Download Stories and Shorts videos

Third-party apps were playing a major role in downloading stories and short videos but now it’s time to get relieved from all this and enjoy the inbuilt feature of downloading option present in the app.


Downloading IG Tv videos is simple and easy now with this app. It is now an inbuilt feature in the app that allows you to download videos in one touch.

HD Images

HD images can be downloaded easily now it has an AI-Interacted feature to make this happen and we can download the quality up to 1080p.


Instagram Pro Apk now has a feature of disabling the ads and going ads free of need. Most of the time it is not necessary to see the ads, so we can use this option to eliminate the advertisements.

Security lock

Now don’t worry about the security lock and app lock if needed we have this option inbuilt into this apk. We do not need to worry about the profile and app lock and need not use third-party apps to do this.

Instagram Pro Apk Download

Downloading Insta Pro Apk is easy and secure. It is one of the best apps to use in a very decent manner and interact with family and friends more.

App Name Instagram Pro
Supported with Android version 4.1 or Above
Latest Version v9.60
App size 56 Mbps
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v9.60

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How to Install InstaPro App On Android

Installing the Insta Pro Download is straightforward and easy. Just follow the steps given below to install it in an easy and safe manner.

  1. Open the browser and search for Instagram Pro Apk Download and download the latest version of the app.
  2. During the download, it gives the warning to install an unknown source.
  3. Don’t rush and take a negative step by seeing this.
  4. Next, you have to go to settings and enable install unknown sources.
  5. Then install the app and use it safely.


1. What is Instagram Pro?

  • InstaPro Apk Download is the modified version of the official Instagram which is safe and secured every time. It involves lots of color-changing templates and different themes for chats. Though it is an unofficial app to use it’s safe and secured by the app developers in terms of use and ban.

2. Is Insta GB available?

  • Yes, it is available in the same way but cannot be given the assurance that it will not get banned and is safe. When it is found to get banned install the latest version of the Instagram pro apk.

3. How to Download Stories and Shorts Videos with Instagram Pro Apk?

  • Insta Pro Download Apk from the browser and use the download button to download the stories and short videos to your local storage without any third-party access.

How to Download IGTV VIDEOS in InstaPro Latest Version?

The same is used in downloading the IG Tv videos by clicking the download button for downloading the videos and storing them in the local storage in your device by using the Instagram pro apk latest version.


Instagram pro is the advanced version of the official Instagram in the play store. It is unique because of its modification and newness in the Insta pro apk Apk Download Latest Version. So we can conclude that this app can be trusted and used without any objections.

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